caseen VIBE L Extra Long Stylus (White) for Capacitive Touch Screens

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The VIBE L: Elongated Balance
You asked, and we listened. The VIBE L is a rebalanced extra-long version of our famous VIBE stylus. caseen elongated the stylus a little more than half an inch. The balance of the original VIBE’s feeling remains untouched due to retooling of the stylus’ tip mount. By shaving the tip mount down and rolling the tip mount’s edge down we we’re able to keep most features that made VIBE intact. A great fit for those who felt the original VIBE to be too short! Still just as versatile and precision made just like the original, the VIBE L won’t disappoint. Accurate, smooth, and precise movements are every VIBE stylus’ purpose during production.

VIBE Stylus
Capacitive touch screen technology has fast become the touch input method of choice due to its simple and fast-acting nature. However, creating the perfect stylus has become a definite engineering task. The problem is that current stylus solutions are only favorable under certain situations. Often imitated, the caseen classic ‘soft rubber’ stylus was the only stylus that caseen designers deemed ‘great’. That stylus is great for what it is made for: to imitate and improve on the touch and glide of the human finger. Further stylus experimentation involved spring loaded plastic discs, and other methods that proved an unsatisfying user experience. So for caseen, it was back to the drawing board…

Meet the caseen VIBE, the world’s most versatile and fast acting dielectric stylus with a balanced design.

caseen’s VIBE stands for Versatile In Balance and Exact which describes the stylus’s overall behavior. The “exact” in VIBE comes from the stylus’s dielectric micro-mesh contact surface. The VIBE’s mesh conforms quickly to pressure and creates pin-like accuracy to your touch screen. This allows the VIBE user to only exert tiny pressure (and we mean a light touch) to operate their capacitive touch screen device.

“Versatile” is what the V stands for in VIBE. The mesh is contoured and pushes out of the stylus with a slight “bulb” like appearance. This bulb is very slight on purpose, and adds to the VIBE’s versatility. Hold the pen up high for “sketching” angles below 30 degrees! The bulb shape gives just enough contact to allow LOW Angle use. This gives an artist’s like touch and feel to the VIBE. Then hold the stylus at its “balance point” at typical drawing angles above 40 degrees. You will find the unique the design allows for comfortable and accurate drawing as well. And of course hold the stylus anywhere for great precision on “pointing” angles above 70 degrees.

16 carefully perforated holes near the stylus tip reduce weight to give the VIBE amazing balance. The stylus balance point is right where typical drawing and writing angles are.

The VIBE’s body is all aluminum and attaches to polished steel details for an outstanding look. These steel details that include the clip show off caseen’s unparalleled design style and craftsmanship. Each pen undergoes extensive quality controls and at especially the tip, which is treated to never degrade or leave a mess onto the screen surface.

Compatible with all capacitive touch screens which include most tablet and cellular devices. Tested and approved on: iPads, iPhones, ASUS, HTC, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Viewsonic.

The stylus works well on most commercial grade screen protectors, and we recommend our GLARESHATTER screen protectors that work with the VIBE. One of the reasons we chose the VIBE was the freedom to choose screen protection.





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