Okgear OK3376 13-inch Laptop cooling pad sleeve Model: OK3376

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1> Absolute silence 0dBA. with revolutionary fanless design .
2> Exclusive Crystalloid material Technology for ultimate laptop cooling
3> it is also a Laptop sleeve and ultra light weight for easy transportation and carrying.
4> Soft and durable material designed for maximum portability
5> it can be used as thermal mat on laps for better comfort
6> Application for all types of PC Notebook up to 13 inch.
7> Does not require power so PC Notebook lasts longer.
8> Corrugation design to prevent blocking the laptop base for best heat dissipation.
9> It also applicable for Protector, Apple TV..........etc. Media device.

1> Crystalloid material inside te product may shift from one side to another during transit , which will not affect its function. To get better perfprmance, it is suggested to shake the product before use to make the crystals intersperse among it equably.
2> The max weight the product can bear is 75kg .please do not overload on it.
3> In case of leaking,please do not use the product again and wash your hands with soap carefully.
4> The product can be washed with washing powder or washing detergent. You can have flow water around it or use a damp cloth rub the surface. The product is expected a hand wash only.





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