HP HP-D2567F3P Hewlett Packard 250W PFC Power Supply RoHS, HP Spare No: 409818-001, HP P/N: 375497-001/ 375497-002/ 003/ 376649-001/ HP DX5150 Model: HP-D2567F3P

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Model: HP-D2567F3P LF
P/N: 375497-001, 375497-002, 375497-003
Spare Number: 409818-001, 376649-001
With power factor correction (PFC)
AC Input: 100-127V 8A / 200-240V 4A
Output: +12V 11A, +12V 11A, +5V 11A, +3.3V 23A, +5Vstb 2A, -12V 0.2A
+12V & +12Vcpu Combined Power Shall Not Exceed 216W
MAX Output Power: 250W
Safty CE, UL, N, CCC S&E, TUV, RoHS
(2) P2/P3 4-pin Molex Drive Connectors
(2) P6/P7 SATA Drive Connectors
(1) P4 Floppy Drive Connector
(1) P1 24-pin ATX Motherboard Connector
(1) P5 4-pin Motherboard Connector

Compatible Models :
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ES623UC, ES624UC, ES625UC, ES718EC,
ET327UC, ET503PA, ET511PA, ET534PA, ET598PS, ET599PS, ET603PS, ET609PS, ET613PS, ET621PS, ET626PS, ET657PS, ET662PS, ET663PS, ET671S, ET672PS, ET673PS, ET674PS, ET678PS,
EU131UC, EU168EC, EU231ES, EU252ES, EU252ESR, EU304ES, EU306ET, EU306ETR, EU307ET, EU307ETR, EU308ET, EU308ETR, EU309ET, EU309ETR, EU310ET, EU310ETR, EU325ES, EU344ES, EU368ES, EU421ES, EU440ES, EU442ES, EU449ES, EU823US, EU834US, EU840US, EU847US, EU847USR, EU854US, EU887US, EU954US, EU988US,
EV003US, EV004US, EV123PC, EV124PC, EV351UC,
EW420AA, EW420AAR,
EX142UC, EX826UC, EX827UC,
EY058LA, EY102PA, EY103PA, EY104PA, EY105PA, EY113PA, EY139PA, EY139PAR, EY140PA, EY140PAR, EY141PA, EY141PAR, EY178PA, EY667LA, EY668LA, EY670LA, EY671LA, EY672LA, EY673LA, EY677LA, EZ122PC, EZ897UC, EZ930US, EZ931US, EZ952US, EZ953US, EZ965US, EZ980US, EZ982US, EZ982USR, PE679AV, PE683AV,
PU912A, PU913A, PU914A, PU915A, PU916A, PU926A, PU927A, PU928A, PU929A, PU930A,
PV015PA, PV016PA, PV105PA, PV105PAR, PV38AA, PV737AA, PV737AAR, PV738AA, PV738AAR, PV739AA, PV739AAR, PV740AA, PV740AAR, PV741AA, PV741AAR, PV745AA, PV746AA, PV747AA, PV748AA, PV749AA, PV750AA, PV750AAR, PV751AA, PV752AA, PV753AA, PV753AAR, PV754AA, PV754AAR, PV754LA, PV758AA, PV759AA, PV760AA, PV761AA, PV762AA, PV763AA, PV763AAR, PV764AA, PV764AAR, PV765AA, PV765AAR, PV766AA, PV766AAR, PV767AA, PV979PA, PV979PS, PV980PA, PV980PS,
PW820AA, PW823AA, PW823AAR,
PZ568UA, PZ569UA, PZ569UAR, PZ570UA, PZ570UAR, PZ571UA, PZ571UAR, PZ572UA, PZ573UA, PZ573UAR, PZ584UA, PZ584UAR, PZ586UA, PZ586UAR, PZ588UA, PZ588UAR, PZ590UA, PZ590UAR, PZ591UA, PZ635UA, PZ635UAR, PZ640UA, PZ640UAR,
RA000US, RA019US, RA023US, RA025US, RA032US, RA035US, RA035USR, RA104US, RA105US, RA177US, RA178US, RA187US, RA200US, RA214US, RA403PA, RA404PA, RA406PA, RA413PA, RA414PA, RA429PA, RA432PA, RA433PA, RA459PA, RA461PA, RA472PA, RA473PA, RA474PA, RA495PC, RA496PC, RA669LA, RB178UC, RB179UC RB565UC
HP dx5150 Microtower PC
RB571LA, RB572LA, RB916ES, RB917ES, RB930ES, RB940ES, RB956ES, RB978ES,
RC001ES, RC030ES, RC075ES, RC191ES, RC192ES, RC193ES, RC194ES, RC223PS, RC229PS, RC241PS, RC243PS, RC244PS, RC248PS, RC267PS, RC401UC, RC433EP, RC879PA, RC915PA,
RD037PC, RD038PC, RD039PC,
HP dx5150 Microtower PC
RD698UC, RE185UC, RE354UC, RE355UC, RE572UC, RE576LA, RE657US, RE678US, RE697US, RE705US, RE800US, RE809US, RE885US,
RF117UC, RF120UC, RF121UC, RF138UC, RF301UP, RF324UC, RF372PS, RF373PS, RF380PS, RF383PS, RF384PS, RF386PS, RF391PS, RF393PS, RF476PA, RF502PA, RF521PA, RF522PA, RF524PA, RF528PA, RF529PA, RF537PA, RF538PA, RF539PA, RF540PA, RF541PA, RF546PA, RF547PA, RF548PA, RF548PAR, RF549PA, RF550PA, RF550PAR, RF594UC, RF909UP,
RG129PC, RG624ES, RG624ESR, RG625ES, RG625ESR, RG626ES, RG627ES, RG628ES, RG672ES, RG713ES, RG739ES, RG739ESR, RG741ES, RG743ES, RG745ES, RG760ES, RG764ES, RG790ES, RG830ES,
RH046PC, RH047PC, RH218UC,
RJ238PA, RJ248PA, RJ264PA, RJ332UP, RJ813UC, RJ830PS, RJ831PS, RJ832PS, RJ833PS, RJ836PS, RJ842PS, RJ843PS, RJ844PS, RJ848PS, RJ862PS, RJ864PS, RJ865PS, RJ867PS, RJ869PS,
RK332LA, RK333LA, RK767US, RK771US, RK771USR, RK778US, RK782US, RK806US, RK812US, RK844US, RK941US, RK958US, RK970US,
RL310UC, RL456PA, RL855UP, RL856UP, RL857UP,
RM515UC, RM839UC, RM840UC,
RN024UC, RN147ES, RN307ES, RN311ES, RN395ES,
RS207US, RS211US, RS230US, RS631PS, RS632PS, RS633PS, RS634PS, RS664UC, RS802UC,
RT064PC, RV489PC





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