HIPRO HP-D3537F3R 350W ATX12V RoHS Power Supply For Delta Model: DPS-350AB-8 A, P/N: 5188-2859, 5188-2625, DPS-300AB, DLT300AB19A, PS-5301-08HA, HP-W351GF3

Discontinued, but an equivalent compatible replacement part is available! Click links below.

Equivalent Compatible Replacement Parts
Replacement #1: Click to see SKU: ATX-400W


Model HP-D3537F3R LF
HP P/N: 5188-2859
Type ATX12V
Maximum Power 350W
Fans 1 x 80mm Fan
Hold-up Time 16ms minimums with full load 115 VAC/60HZ
Efficiency 68% minimum at full load and nominal line voltage
Input Voltage 100 - 120 V/ 200 - 240 V
Input Frequency Range 47 - 63 Hz
Input Current 10A 115V, 5A 230V
Output: +3.3V 15A, +5V 13A, +12V1 18A, +12V2 18A, -12V 0.8A, +5VSB 2.0A
MTBF 100,000 Hours
Dimensions 3.3" x 5.8" x 5.5" (H x W x D)

1 x Main connector (24Pin)
1 x ATX12V (P4)
4 x peripheral
4 x SATA
1 x Floppy

350W HP part number 5188-2859
Support most of HP systems
RoHS approved

Upgrade for
Model #: HP-D3057F3R, HP-W351GF3
HP P/N: HP 5188-2625, HP 5187-6114, HP 5188-0131, HP 5187-6116, HP 5188-0129, HP 5187-6712, HP 5188-0130

Compatible with following HP models:
HP Media Center m7300y home PC EK464AV, EK464AVR
HP Media Center m7300e (CTO) home PC EK465AV, EK465AVR
HP Media Center m7367c home PC EL412AA, EL412AAR
HP Media Center m7467c home PC ER881AA, ER881AAR
HP Media Center m7490n home PC ER885AA, ER885AAR
HP Media Center m7500e CTO PC EW174AV
HP Media Center m7560y (CTO) home PC EW175AV
HP Media Center m7500y (CTO) home PC EW176AV
HP Pavilion d4500y (CTO) home PC EW177AV
HP Pavilion d4500e CTO PC EW178AV
HP Media Center m8000y home PC GC383AV
HP Media Center m8000e home PC GC384AV
HP Pavilion d4890y CTO home PC GC385AV
HP Media Center m8010y CTO home PC GG062AV
Pavilion Media Center PC m8100y (CTO) GG755AV
HP Media Center m8100e CTO home PC GG756AV
HP Pavilion d4990y CTO home PC GG757AV
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9060n home PC GN584AA, GN584AAR
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9000t (CTO) PC GN637AV
HP Pavilion d4995t (CTO) home PC GN639AV
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9060la home PC (LA) GN653AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9020kr home PC GQ489AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9088hk home PC (AP) GQ623AA
Pavilion Elite m9090tw (Taiwan) GS188AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9077c home PC GS211AA, GS211AAR
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9160f home PC GX609AA, GX609AAR
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9160la home PC GX704AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9177c home PC GX755AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9120kr home PC GZ659AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9195tw home PC GZ676AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9158hk home PC GZ758AA
Compaq Presario SR5380KL home PC (Asia Pacific) KC721AA
HP Pavilion d4996t home PC KC787AV
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9188hk home PC KC799AA
HP Pavilion Elite m9100t CTO Desktop PC KC832AV
HP Pavilion Elite m9100z CTO Desktop PC KC835AV
HP Pavilion Ultimate d4999t CTO home PC KC836AV
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9150f home PC KC880AA, KC880AAR
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9152p home PC KJ165AA
HP Pavilion Elite m9252p Desktop PC KJ294AA
HP Pavilion Media Center m8425f Desktop PC KJ295AA
HP Pavilion Elite m9260f Desktop PC KJ381AA, KJ381AAR
HP Pavilion Elite m9250f Desktop PC KJ382AA, KJ382AAR
HP Pavilion Media Center m8457c Desktop PC KJ396AA
HP Pavilion Elite m9200z CTO Desktop PC KL648AV
HP Pavilion Elite m9200t CTO Desktop PC KL649AV
HP Pavilion Ultimate d4999z CTO Desktop PC KL650AV
HP Pavilion Elite m9277c Desktop PC KN224AA
HP Pavilion Elite m9295tw Desktop PC KN327AA
HP Pavilion Media Center m8417c Desktop PC (AP) KQ417AA
HP Pavilion Ultimate d4999t CTO Desktop PC KT829AV
Power supply (Regulated) - Rated at 350-watt KY936AV
Pavilion d4100y CTO (PX181AV) PX181AV
Media Center m7100y CTO (PX189AV) PX189AV
HP Pavilion d4100e (PX191AV) CTO home PC PX191AV
HP Media Center m7100e (PX192AV) CTO home PCPX192AV
HP Media Center m7360y (CTO) home PC PY198AV, PY198AVR
HP Media Center m7680y home PC RB029AV
HP Media Center m7600e home PC RB046AV
HP Media Center m7600y home PC RB047AV
HP Pavilion d4600y home PC RB048AV
HP Pavilion d4650e CTO home PC RB049AV
HP Media Center m7660e home PC RF158AV
HP Media Center m7690e CTO home PC RF159AV
HP Media Center m7690y CTO home PC RF169AV
HP Pavilion d4650y CTO home PC RF170AV
HP Media Center m7790y home PC RP827AV
HP Media Center m7790e home PC RP828AV
HP Pavilion d4790y (CTO) home PC RP829A





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