Bestec ATX-300-12E Rev. D E-Machine GTW Power Supply 300w Part 100929

ATX-300-12E Rev. D
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Genuine Bestec ATX-300-12E Rev. D E-Machine GTW Power Supply 300w Part 100929

Model ATX-300-12E Rev. D
Part Number 100929
Maximum Power 300W
Input Voltage 115V/230V

1x 20pin ATX Connector
1x ATX12V 4pin Connector
2x Molex Connector
2x Peripheral (Molex) Connector
1x Floppy Connector

Compatible Models:
Emachines A26EV17F
Emachines C1641
Emachines C1844
Emachines C1904
Emachines C2160
Emachines C2280
Emachines C2480
Emachines C2684
Emachines C2685
Emachines C2825
Emachines D2046
Emachines D2244
Emachines D2246
Emachines D2266
Emachines D2346
Emachines D2386
Emachines D2586
Emachines D2685
Emachines H2341
Emachines H2482
Emachines H2542
Emachines H2602
Emachines H2615
Emachines H2642
Emachines H2742
Emachines H2825
Emachines H2865
Emachines S1642
Emachines S1862
Emachines S1940
Emachines S2482
Emachines S2485
Emachines T1140
Emachines T1150
Emachines T1220
Emachines T1221
Emachines T1300
Emachines T1360
Emachines T1440
Emachines T1600
Emachines T1740
Emachines T1742
Emachines T1782
Emachines T1840
Emachines T1842
Emachines T1860
Emachines T1862
Emachines T1980
Emachines T2040
Emachines T2042
Emachines T2080
Emachines T2082
Emachines T2085
Emachines T2200
Emachines T2200SE
Emachines T2240
Emachines T2245
Emachines T2260
Emachines T2341
Emachines T2385
Emachines T2460
Emachines T2482
Emachines T2484
Emachines T2542
Emachines T2596
Emachines T2605
Emachines T2615
Emachines T2625
Emachines T2642
Emachines T2672
Emachines T2682
Emachines T2692
Emachines T2698
Emachines T2778
Emachines T2792
Emachines T2796
Emachines T2798
Emachines T2824
Emachines T2825
Emachines T2842
Emachines T2865
Emachines T2875
Emachines T2882
Emachines T2885
Emachines T2895
Emachines T4060
Emachines T4080
Emachines T4170
Emachines T4480
Emachines T4510
Emachines T4511
Emachines T4697
Emachines W1500
Emachines W1640
Emachines W1700
Emachines W1800
Emachines W2040
Emachines W2047
Emachines W2060
Emachines W2060
Emachines W2247
Emachines W2260
Emachines W2646
Emachines W2686
Emachines W2785
Emachines W2888
Emachines W4065
Emachines W4682

Gateway 650609R
Gateway 650646R
Gateway 650648R
Gateway 6506071R





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