Bestec ATX-1956D HP Pavilion P/N: 0950-4106 (09504106) Power Supply. SKU: ATX-1956D

Discontinued, but an equivalent compatible replacement part is available! Click links below.

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This Micro ATX power supply is a 200W, PS3 Form Factor, six output unit energy star certification, UL, CSA, CB, TUV, NEMKO and CE approvals. Airflow drawn out of case into surroundings by 80mm internal fan.Built-in power status LED above AC inlet. Upgrade for Bestec ATX-1951D, DELTA-160GB B, DPS-160GB, DPS-110MB-1, DPS-145PB-112, HIPRO HP-A1507F3,HP-A2007A3, HP-A2027F3 HP P/N: 0950-4270and HP Pavilion 6329, 6330, 6331, 6333, 6336, 6337, 6340, 6343, 6346, 6350, 6351, 6353, 6356, 56357, 6360, 6370Z, 6408, 8409, 6460, 6465, 6466, 6468, 6470Z, 64757, 750n, 8400 CTS, 8500 CTO, 8562, 8565C, 8662C, 8700A CTO, 8700I CTO, 8755C, 8756C, 8766C, 8775C, 8776C, 8785C, 8860, 8870, 9680C, 9682C, 9686C, 9688C, 9690C, 9692C, 9694C, 9695C, 9780C, 9790C, XL753, XL754, XL756, XL759, XL759, XL761, XL766, XL768, XL776, XL866, XP788, XP789, see below for more information...................
Application notes: Original unit may have 3 pin connector for motherboard to control the power supply fan. Replacement part does not require this connector.

Model: ATX1956F Replace Model # : ATX-1956D
HP P/N 0950-4106
200 watts maximum output
Single ball bearing fan design
Built-in voltage overload protection
Voltage switch for 115/230V AC input
Support Intel "Pentium 4" and AMD "Athlon XP"
Complies with Intel SFX12V specification
Certified by UL, CB, CE, TUV, & FCC
This power unit has (1) ATX connector, (1) ATX12V connector, (4) peripheral power connectors, and (1) floppy drive connector.
Dimensions: 5.9W x 3.4H x 3.9D Inches


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