400W Replacement Power Supply for HP Pavilion 7955, 753n, 743g, 743c, 523n, Bestec ATX-1956D, ATX-1953D

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Replace Hipro Model #: HP-A2317F3 / HP P/N: 5187-4874
Bestec ATS-100 (ats100)
Bestec ATS-150 (ats150)
Bestec ATX-1956D B1 (0950-4106, 200W)
Bestec ATX-1956D B2 (0950-4106, 200W)
Bestec ATX-1956F (0950-4107, 200W w/PFC)

Replacement Power Supply for Compaq; Model(s): 254475-001
Compaq; Model(s): 173609-001 (145W ATX)
Compaq; Model(s): 174871-001
Compaq; Model(s): 332829-001
Compaq; Model(s): 201828-001 (200W ATX)

Delta DPS-110-110MB-1 & Jedi-LC and Yoda DPS-110MB-1 A (110W - Centerd AC Plug)
Delta DPS-145PB-112 (dps145pb)
Delta DPS-160GB B Rev 01 - (Chewbaka Plus DLT160GB1 01,DPS160GB,5184-3961 )
Delta DPS-200PB-74 B(Ridgeview III, 145W - 0950-2700)
Delta DPS-200PB-74 B Rev:02 (150w)
Delta DPS-200PB-89 D (ATX 145W no 4p)
Delta DPS-200PB-103 E
Delta DPS-200PB-142 Series
DELTA DPS-110-110 MB-1
Delta DPS-145PB-112
Delta DPS-180KB Series
Delta DPS-200PB-112 Series

Enhance SFX-2015
Enhance SFX-2020

Hewlett Packard HP Spare PNs:
HP 0950-2700 (145W)
HP 0950-2800
HP 0950-3426
HP 0950-3623 (160WP3)
HP 0950-3751 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
HP 5183-6914 Power Supply
HP 5184-3961 (185W Chewbaka Plus
HP 0950-4270 (150WPS3)
HP 0950-4106 (200W - BST ATX-1956D B1/B2)
HP 0950-4107 (200W w/PFC)
HP 0950-3253 (145W Astec SA147-3505)
HP 0950-3623 (160WP3)
HP 0950-3426 (Check your case for AC plug alignment)
HP 5184-3961 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
HP 0950-3751 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
*Replacement Power Supply for HP; Model(s):
0950-3949 / 5187-1098 / 332863-001

HIPRO HP-A2027F3 (hpa2027f3)
HIPRO HP-A2007A3 Rev 02
Hipro FO-A1463-X5

LITEON PS-6161-2 (160W without I/O shut-down rocker switch)
LITEON PS-6161-2H (160W without I/O shut-down rocker switch)
LITEON PS-6161-2H1 (188W without I/O shut-down rocker switch)
LITEON PS-5101-2 (90W ATX w/Side Fan)
LITEON PS-5101-2B (90W ATX w/Side Fan)
LITEON PS-5151-2 (145W NLX)
LITEON PS-5151-2H3
LITEON PS-5151-6 (145W ATX w/Side Fan)
LITEON PS-6151-6 (145W ATX)
LITEON PS-6151-6C2 (ATX 145W 173609-001)
LITEON PS-6251-01

Power Man / In Win IPS-1806CV-60 (180W)
Power Man / In Win LPS-1806DV-20 (180W)
Power Man / In Win IW-P180B2-0 (180W)
PCChips PC100 PS150a
PCWave PC100 PS150
Solleron M-200-A
Solleron M-200-B
Toshiba Spare Part Number: F000033760
Yokogawa PS036B-0101

Type PS3 ATX
Maximum Power 400W
Modular Cabling Support No
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Input Voltage 115/230 V
Input Frequency Range 50/60 Hz
Input Current 14A @ 115V, 7A @ 230V
Output +3.3V@12A,+5V@19A,+12V@20A,-12V@0.8A,+5VSB@2.5A
MTBF 100K hours at 25°C
Fan speed controller built-in (do not need a 3 pin connector to operate this power supply).
Approvals cUL,UL, TUV, CB, CE
1x ATX connector (20/24 pin) (if the 24 pin motherboard connector is too big, just snap the extra 4 pin piece at the end)
1x P4 connector for P4 motherboards
4x molex connectors
1x Floppy connector
3x SATA connectors
1x AUX connector
2x PCI Express connectors
1x HP video power connector
1x Dell 6 pin connector





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