250 Wattt Micro ATX Power Supply Upgrade for eMachines (eTower), bulk-pack SKU: P4-12V-2

250 Wattt Micro ATX Power Supply Upgrade for eMachines (eTower), bulk-pack SKU: P4-12V-2

Discontinued, but an equivalent compatible replacement part is available! Click links below.

Equivalent Compatible Replacement Parts
Replacement #1: Click to see SKU: AL-8250SFX


This Micro ATX replacement power supply is a 250W, SFX Form Factor, five output unit with remote on/off, energy star certification, UL, CSA, CB, TUV, NEMKO and CE approvals. Airflow drawn out of case by 80mm internal fan. AC input is positioned on long side of power supply. +5V Standby line sources up to 2A of current. Compliant with Intel SFX Power Design Guide 1.1 and AMD Athlon requirements.

Application note: Ilssan ISP 120S is common original equipment used by eMachines for eMachine computer models below:

Replacement for All Emachine etowers, emonsters, and others except the E-1 model. Includes, but not limited to, models eTower 266, 300, 300C, 300K, 333C, 333CS, 333K, 333I, 333ID, 366I, 366ID, 366C, 366IS, 366I2, 400I2, 400ID, 400IDX, 400IX, 400I, mxm-145tf1, 400I3, 433I, 466I, 466ID, 466IS, 466IX, 500I, 500ID, 500IDX, 500IS, 500IX, 533ID, 533IR, 533I, 533ID2, 566I, 566I2, 566IRX, 566IR , 600ID, 600IS,600IX, 633ID, 633IDX, 633IRX, 633IS, 667IR, 667IX, 700, 700ID, 700IR, 700IR, 700IRX, 700IX, 733I, 766, 766ID, 800 and eTower 800.

Also works with eMonster 500, 500A, 550, 550R, 600, 700, 800, and more.

Model # : P4-12V
250watts maximum output
Single ball bearing fan design
Built-in voltage overload protection
Voltage switch for 115/230V AC input
Certified by UL, CB, CE, TUV, & FCC
Dimensions: 4.9 W x 2.6 H x 4 D - Inches
This Power Unit Has 3 Peripheral, 2 Floppy, 1 ATX connector, 1 ATX12V Connector, 1 Video connector
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